His Past & Her Future

A few years into their relationship, Karan finished his Master’s before asking Supriya if she was willing to lead her life with him. Even though they were emotionally invested since they met, this was the first time they approached the topic of marriage. Before each of them could truly answer the question of leading a life together, both of them had to address their insecurities and muster their strength to respectfully disagree with the very people who created, raised and helped them shape their lives.

“His Past & Her Future” by Rajiv R Nair is the story of a couple coming from different cultures and religions with strict orthodox families and the stages they had to go through to lead a life together. Dealing with the idea that defiance isn’t always necessarily an act of disrespect, this novelette talks about how standing up for a few decisions in life is worth it, even if it comes at a cost.

Cover Photo by Ravindra Patoju

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