Quest for Slumber

In the realm of a sleepless king, duty and longing collide to tell a captivating tale of true love. Tanish, a wise and burdened ruler, embarks on a quest for a slumber that eludes him. Amidst the splendour of his prosperous kingdom, he yearns for relief from the weight of his responsibilities. But as he delves deeper into his pursuit, he uncovers a love story woven with sacrifice and devotion.

Guided by a mystical presence, Tanish discovers the true meaning of sleeplessness and the profound choices made for duty and love. Will he find solace and unlock the secret that was tormenting him all along? Join him on an enthralling journey through the echoes of longing and the pursuit of serenity. “Quest for Slumber” by Nikhila Kotni is a mesmerising tale of a king’s relentless search for sleep, amidst a kingdom on the brink of a bittersweet awakening.

Illustrated by Nikhila Kotni

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